Dorktones Your Podcast host, Lord Bacon, is a bit inpatient in this brand new episode #95. Reluctant as a troubled teen that just stole his parents dirty rhymes dictionary, he presents a new assortment of tunes to you. From powerpop to garage rock, followed by doo-wop and rhythm & blues.

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01 Anderson Council - Beautiful
02 The Solarflares - All Too Much
03 Fastball - Rampart Street
04 The Singles - Since You've Been Gone
05 The Blues Magoos - Pipe Dream
06 The Mindbenders - The Morning After
07 Bohemian Vendetta - Enough
08 Rob De Neys - Bye Bye Mrs. Turple
09 Christine Quaite - In The Middle Of The Floor
10 The Sandettes - Without You
11 Teen Queens - Eddie, My Love
12 The Penguins - Memories Of El Monte
13 The Hollywood Flames - Buzz-Buz-Buzz
14 Ann Cole & The Suburbans - Each Day
15 The Flying Platters - Don't Let Go
16 Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers - All That Oil in Texas
17 Ted Taylor - You Give Me Nothing To Go On
18 Dusty Wilson - Can't Do Without You
19 Anton Karas - The Third Man Theme