Huh? What's this? A brand new Podcast?

Indeed dear Podcast listeners, no less than five years after the last podcast, our wannabe DJ, W.J. le Petomane thought it was time to spit out yet another one!

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01 Dave Apollon - Meadowland
02 The Neanderthals - Space Oddity
03 John Barry Seven - Zapata
04 Bo Diddley - I Can Tell
05 Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers - The Sheik Said Shake
06 C.W. Stoneking - The Zombie
07 The Pips - Room In Your Heart
08 Tonys Defenders - Yes I Do
09 Pancho Villa & The Bandit - Ain't That Bad
10 WJLP - Lifeguard
11 Puta Madre Brothers - White Mariachi
12 The Chords - Now It's Gone
13 The Lambrettas - Go Steady
14 Les Yper Sounds - Jericho Jerk
15 Carole King - Pleasant Valley Sunday
16 Sandi Shore - I'll Know Better (Next Time)
17 Precious Few - Young Girl