Dorktones Lots of rare and dorky tunes this week in our twenty-second Podcast. Your host, Dj William J. Le Petomane, managed to put together another great show for you, including a true signature bad-taste-Ernie track in our featurette Confessions of a Dork, Songs we taught the Dorktones and for the first time we play a genuine Dorktones recording! Fortunately you can skip through that shit and listen to the truly fine tunes in this podcast.

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This weeks playlist:

01 Tom Jones - Any Day Now
02 The Five Blobs - The Blob
03 The Islanders - Forbidden Island
04 Chuck Higgins - Pachuko Hop
05 The High Keys - Que Sera Sera
06 The Syndicate Of Sound - Rumors
07 The Dorktones - It's My Pride
08 The Stooges - Loose
10 The Knickerbockers - What Does That Make You
11 The Beatles - Wait
12 Lulu - The Man Who Sold The World
13 Ymo - Tong Poo
14 Ultravox - Young Savage
15 Grapefruit - Theme For Twiggy
16 The Attack - Freedom For You
17 Varetta Dillard - That's Why I Cry
18 The Delicatos - Time And Time Again
19 Jamo Thomas - I Spy For The F.B.I.