Dorktones The Dorktones have selected another fine collection of rare and forgotten tunes for you. Unfortunately our wannabe-DJ, William J. also selected another Zappa vehicle so be sure to skip that one around the 18 minutes mark. Other than that, this episode is another keeper, including a double Confessions of a Dork feature and even a brand new one.

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This weeks playlist:

01 Elvis Presley - Gonna Get Back Home Somehow
02 Dee Rangers - Won't Be Back Again
03 The Reigning Sound - When You Touch Me
04 Him & The Others - She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies
05 The Bonniwell Music Machine - Double Yellow Line
06 We The People - In The Past
07 Frank Zappa - Punky's Whips
08 Johnny Rivera - Run, Run, Run
09 Joe Bataan - Chickie's Trombone
10 Orchestra Harlow - El Exigente
11 Bobby Darin - Simulau
12 C. Jerome - C'est Moi
13 Het Cocktail Trio - Petronella Puinpoeiers Pure Pijstillende Prima En Prettig In Te Nemen Pimpelpaarse Pil
14 Pete Rugolo - Sock Me Choo Choo
15 The 5Th Dimension - Good News
16 Los Canarios - Get On Your Knees
17 The Chocolate Watch Band - Requiem
18 The Three Tops - Do It Right