Just a little bit of everything in this first Podcast in the new year. Expect to hear great music from unknown or forgotten artists and even some tunes you think you know but always wondered what it was. No resolutions are made for the year so our bad-mannered wannabe DJ, William J, is back to his usual self, but as always with great and useless little tidbits.

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This weeks playlist:

01 Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman
02 Herb Hardesty - Just A Litttle Bit Of Everything
03 Elvis Presley - A Mess Of Blues
04 Gene Vincent - Bird Doggin'
05 The Woolies - Who Do You Love
06 The Wylde Knights - Beaver Patrol
07 The Chosen Few - So Much To Look Forward To
08 John Deen & The Trakk - Your Whole Life Through
09 Cc & The Chasers - Hey Put The Clock Back On The Wall
10 Professor Morrison's Lollipop - Oo-Poo-Pah
11 Les Dauphins - Tu Marches Et Tu Pleures
12 Echo & The Bunnymen - The Cutter
13 Shane Champagne - Lonely Next To You
14 Paul Collins - Walking Out On Love
15 Brinsley Schwarz - (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding
16 Gerry And The Pacemakers - Hello Little Girl
17 Bunny Sigler - Sunny Sunday
18 Freddie Chavez - They'll Never Know Why
19 Bob & Earl - Can't Get Away
20 The Walker Brothers - Young Man Cried
21 Katy David - Plus Tard