Dorktones Cool doo-wop, twist, beat, psychedelics and other old fashioned but ultra-hip music fill another excellent Podcast. Listen how our genius but bad-mannered wannabe DJ William J. ridicules our beloved art-director and Dorktones drummer Pieter once again.

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This weeks playlist:

01 Phil Phillips - Sea Of Love
02 Marvin & Johnny - Cherry Pie
03 The Excellents - Lorraine
04 Patti Ann & The Flames - Shtiggy Boom
05 Benny Bell & The Pretzel Twisters - Kosher Twist
06 The Quik - Bert's Apple Crumble
07 The Cindermen - Don't Do It Some More
08 Primitives - How Do You Feel
09 The Kinks - See My Friends
10 The Yardbirds - Mister You're A Better Man Than I
11 Love - A House Is Not A Motel
12 Evergreen Blues - Three's A Crowd
13 Flat Earth Society - Shadows
14 The Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense And Peppermints
15 The C.A. Quintet - Smooth As Silk
16 Jackey Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets - Louie Louie
17 The Dimensions - Penny
18 Four-Evers - Everybody South Street
19 The Sonics - The Witch
20 Twice As Much - True Story