Dorktones Here's another nice little Podcast for you to enjoy. Again, this episode has a little theme. To give you a little hint: This weeks podcast is filled with little women, little Caesars and little Willies. Our wannabe DJ, Little Willie J., has put together a little hour of nice little tunes from the past but played with passion.

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This weeks playlist:

01 Little Frankie - Happy, That's Me
02 Little Eva - Takin' Back What I Said
03 Little Lisa - Hang On Bill
04 Little Edith - I Couldn't Take It
05 Little Iva & Her Band - Continental Strut
06 Little Anthony & The Imperials - Better Use Your Head
07 Little Hank - Mister Bang-Bang Man
08 Little Herman - Gotta Keep On Walking
09 Little Carl Carlton - Bad For Each Other
10 Little Johnny Hammond & The Creators - Oh How I Love You
11 Little Caesar & The Empire - Everybody Dance Now
12 Little Caesar & The Conspirators - It Must Be Love
13 Little Caesar & The Romans - Betty Jean
14 Little Joe & The Thrillers - I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
15 Little Hooks & The King - Jerk Train
16 Little Willie John - I'm Shakin
17 Little Willie - I'm Ashamed
18 Little Willie Jackson - Jackson's Boogie
19 Little Willie & His Pals - We're Gonna Dance
20 Little Willie And The Adolescents - Looking For Love
21 Little Phil And The Night Shadows - So Much
22 Little John & The Sherwoods - Long Hair
23 Little Tony - Bada Bambina
24 Little Jack Little - I've Always Wanted To Dance In Berlin