Dorktones All good things don't have to end. And yet, the Podcast does end, right now. After one and a half year, 73 episodes with close to 1500 songs and more than 60 hours worth of pure and honest music, The Dorktones call it quits.

Over the last 18 months podcasting evolved from hip, cool and exiting to commodity and irrelevant. Being the hipsters that they are, always on the cutting edge of innovation, the Dorktones decided that they must seek to explore the musical spectrum some other way but also return to their roots: making music. It was noticed somewhere that the dorks put more effort into the silly podcast than into making music. That's not right, is it? The sheer amount of time it took to create and distribute these podcasts prevented The Dorktones from focusing on their core business.

You'll be glad to know that all 73 podcast episodes continue to be available for download at , including the playlist database. If you ever feel the need to reminisce and think of the good old days of podcasting, just visit the website and wonder away. Also watch the site for future endeavors of the dorks, because you'll never know where they may resurface.

Thanks for supporting us with your comments and suggestions. Thanks for listening and laughing at our bad jokes. It's been a blast.

We say goodbye with an appropriate little Dorktones composition. We hope you like it.

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