You may have heard of license-free music, pod-safe tunes and all-together free songs. The Dorktones, a little Dutch garage-pop-combo, are taking the next step into this realm. Today we are releasing the first ever Open Source Song! Yes, that's right, we are releasing raw, bare-bones studio recordings without any post production added to it. You'll be able to create your own end-mix of this one song and mould it into your own favorite sound. You can use any home-studio mixing application you fancy, like Cubase, Guitar Studio, Garageband, Soundtrack etc. Add effects, faders, flangers, fuzz, echo and the works, to create an outrageous Do-It-Yourself Dorktones production.

And if that wasn't enough, we would like to throw in a little contest as well: Create your own signature mix, send it back to us and the one we like best will win a free T-shirt and we'll play your mix on our Podcast. So put on your propellor-hat and get cranking to this tune.

Some more details:

  • Listen to our attempt here.
  • To enter the competition, send your final mix to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • The DIY-Dorktones archive consists of 13 different mp3 tracks that you need to import into your favorite application as different tracks.
  • The contest ends on june 1st 2005
  • Entries with added instruments (except for horns), samples and other additions will not qualify for the contest
  • Do not alter the song structure or add subversive stuff
  • Tracks within this archive may not be distributed individually
  • Original recordings may not be used in any commercial endeavor
  • Original recordings may only be used for educational and personal use
  • The Dorktones may publish and distribute your submissions
  • Have fun, go nuts and be a record producer!

Download the DIY-Dorktones archive here (22Mb).