DorktonesOne of our favorite online activities is to google the net, looking for Dorktones. This week we stumbled across a fabulous review of our podcast by Dani from the US. On her blog she writes:

The Dorktones are a retro-1960s band from the Netherlands, but the show doesn't feature their music. This is a weekly one-hour podcast all about the rare soul, surf, and powerpop gems that their DJ manages to unearth. Although most of the music was recorded in the 1960s, DJ WJ will toss in songs from any decade if they fit the vibe. A recent theme show (#18) on psychedelic music has some "groovy" commercials thrown in, and it is a hoot. Even the artwork on the site has that 1960s feel. The DJ's accent was a little difficult for me to understand at first, but he doesn't talk that much so it isn't distracting. This show is an all-around good time.

Thank you Dani for these kind words. Keep subscribed, 'cause there's a lot more to come!