DorktonesThe Dorktones would like to apologize to the Thunderdays audience at the Waterfront Cafe in Rotterdam, for their appalling performance on the 27th of April. Dorktones singer & guitar player, W.J. Lobensteyn, said he suffered bad-hair-day.

Bad hair or not, W.J.'s cheap crap amplifier broke down just 5 minutes into the performance. The thing got stuck in overdrive. W.J. was so distracted by this that he completely lost his composure and musical sense. He subsequently played the wrong chords, sang the wrong lyrics and sometimes didn't play and sing at all. He just stared at his little broken amp. The two other dorks tried their best to save the show but there was just little they could do.

After this dreadful performance, W.J. was asked what it felt like on stage: 'I felt like standing there all alone, just wearing my polka-dot underpants. Pieter, the Dorktones drummer, swiftly added: 'That would have been a much better show!'

Hopefully the new Hughes & Knetter amp that W.J. bought will save these dorks for further embarrassments. Find out, if you dare, at their next show in Leiden, May 13th