Dorktones The Dorktones can't stop giving. Here's yet another fantastic new Podcast for you to enjoy.

This episode, like all previous ones, is filled with selection of marvelous tunes from the vast record collection of executive producer William J. le Petomane. Presented by award winning story teller Lord Bacon, this podcast also features a new confession of a Dork and a thrilling live sporting match coverage.

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01 Gigi & The Charmaines - Eternally
02 Nancy Sinatra - Burnin' Down The Spark
03 Cilla Black - It's For You
04 Kate Pierson - Step Inside Love
05 Jessica Fletchers - Just Another Fashion Brand
06 Locksley - Let Me Know
07 The Len Price 3 - Pictures
08 The Prime Movers - The Good Things
09 Thee Milkshakes - Out Of Control
10 Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4
11 The Rocky Fellers - Killer Joe
12 The Four Evers - Doo Bee Dum
13 Neil Sedaka - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
14 The Association - Come On In
15 The Oxfords - Lighter Than Air
16 The Quotations - Cool It