Dorktones After a long and steamy summer holiday, Lord Bacon is back, ready and willing to host another exciting Podcast.

Lord knows what kind of exotic bacteria our dear friend Bacon picked up at his retreat. To get things sorted, he visits a musical kaleidoscope of Doctors, seeking a proper remedy.

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01 The Who - There's A Doctor
02 Don Drummond - Dr. Decker
03 The Skatalites - Dr. Kildare
04 Tommy Mccook & The Skatalites - Doctor Zhivago
05 Orange Machine - Dr. Crippen's Waiting Room
06 The Diminished Fifth - Doctor Dear
07 Phluph - Doctor Mind
08 The C.A. Quintet - Dr. Of Philosophy
09 Donna Loren (& Dick Clark) - Dr. Pepper Spot
10 Tom Jones - Dr. Love
11 Landy - Doctor Good Soul
12 Radio Spot - Dr. Black & Mr. Hyde
13 The Mohawks - Sound Of The Witch Doctors
14 The Shadows - Witch Doctor (The Savage)
15 Them - I'm Your Witch Doctor
16 The Wild Bees - Doctor Rock