The Sound of Music is a great little powerpop trio from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They play their own tunes and some borrowed material. They also have a sixties-garage-punk playing alter ego-band called The Dorktones. Same guys, same gear, same vibes, different name. You can hear all recorded material from The Sound of Music and The Dorktones in the Download section.

From left to right: Ernie C. van Kruining, Pieter M. Dorrenboom & Willem J. Lobensteyn

The Dorktones

DorktonesThe Dorktones are a regular spin-off band of the Sound of Music, a three piece combo from Rotterdam, with limited skills but with a great passion for sixties music. They play sixties-garage-punk styled tunes from unknown or forgotten artists, with an occasional original thrown into the mix. This results in a totally eclectic playlist of songs, all thrown into the Dorktones blender to create that special raw and loud dorky sound.

Whenever a '60's Garage Punk ambiance is needed, the Sound of Music is transformed into the Dorktones.
Over the past years the two bands have moved towards eachother and the band members have come to the point where they are not realy sure when they are Dorks or von Trapps.

Because we are too lazy to write up an english bio for the Dorktones, here is the back-cover from their award-winning album Pebbles from the Grave.


Dorktones samples can be found in the download section.