Dorktones That's right folks, this is issue number 13 of the Podcast, released on friday the 13th! Fortunately we don't believe in that superstitious crap so here's another show filled with stompin' raw tunes from past and present, songs you hardly ever hear on todays radio stations.

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Our playlist for this week:

01 The Sonics - Love-Itis
02 Roland Alphonso - Dr. Ring Ding
03 The Ska Kings - Jamaica Ska
04 Tony Tribe - Red Red Wine
05 Dermott Lynch - Hot Shot
06 Eddie Cano - Louie Louie
07 Richard Berry - Besame Mucho
08 Mel Torme - Right Now
09 Marvin Jenkins - I've Got The Blues
10 Kenny Lynch - My Own Two Feet
11 Darrell Banks - Angel Baby
12 Orchestra Harlow - Freak Off
13 Frank Zappa - Dog Breath, In The Year Of The Plague
14 The Solarflares - In Your Hair
15 The Saints - First Time
16 Thee Headcoatees - Wild Man
17 The Bristols - He'll Never Come Back
18 The Ventures - War Of The Satellites
19 The Buena Vistas - Hot Shot