Dorktones Be warned dear Podcast listeners! Our DJ-wannabe, William J. le Petomane, deemed it necessary to select no less than three Zappa tunes for you! Fortunately for the other Dorks, they're bundled together so they can be skipped quite easily. Apart from this Zappa-flaw, our thirty-first Podcast is just pure gold. More than one hour long this week and filled with rare but superb soul, rock, latin, beat, blues and other cool music.

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This weeks playlist:

01 Hugo Montenegro - Come Spy With Me
02 Joe Quijano - Sabbath Prayer
03 Bobby Matos & The Combo Conquistadores - Trailo A Casa (Bring It On Home)
04 Joe Bataan - Subway Joe
05 Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Blue Turns To Grey
06 The Greater Experience - Don't Forget To Remember
07 The Dynamics - Bingo
08 The Crowns - Call Me
09 The Mothers Of Invention - Abye Sea
10 The Mothers Of Invention - Transylvania Boogie
11 The Mothers Of Invention - Help I Am A Rock
12 Sick Rose - Get Along Girl
13 Baby Woodrose - Hippie Chick
14 The Spandecks - No Way
15 Fabienne Delsol - My Love Is Like A Spaceship
16 Claw Boys Claw - Edit Away
17 Del Shannon - Rest Your Mind
18 Charlie and His Go-Go Boys - Return To Me My Love
19 The Beefeaters - Change My Mind
20 The Premiers - Farmer John
21 The Violent Femmes - Jesus Walking On The Water
22 Neil Young - Comes A Time