New & Improved: encoded in a higher bitrate to soothe your ears, The Podcast number five is now available at your local Podcast dealer as a feed or in handy mp3�format.

Filled again with songs you hardly hear anywhere else. Listen to what music has been and still should be: made with passion and raw energy.

This weeks playlist:

01 The Jayhawks - The Creature From Outer Space
02 Neil Sedaka - One Way Ticket To The Blues
03 Solomon Burke - Cry To Me
04 J.J. Jackson - I Dig Girls
05 The Mothers Of Invention - Toads Of The Short Forest
06 Baker Knight & The Nightmares - Hallucinations
07 Q65 - Cry In The Night
08 Joe Tex - You Little Babyfaced Thing
09 Psychout - Movie Promo
10 The Box Tops - Coca Cola Commercial
11 The Who - In The City
12 The Ethiopians - The Whip
13 The Flirtations - How Can You Tell Me
14 The Playboys - The Mean One
15 Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Big Time Operator
16 Plan 9 - Try To Run
17 The Undertones - Julie Ocean