Great news Podcast fans! After almost two years of radio silence, we release a genuine brand new episode of our great little internet show. No need to recycle old episodes anymore. It's time to take in a fresh new fix.

However, our bad-manered wannabe DJ, William J. le Petomane, didn't feel like lending his voice talent to this release because he deemed it more important to spare his vocal chords for all the upcoming Dorktones gigs that we truly expect invitations for after this fantastic show! Instead, we borrowed professor Hawkings Robotone. But fear not, you'll still receive your fair share of insults, swearing and gaffs from our automated DJ.

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01 Neil Sedaka - The Answer Lies Within
02 Rocky & His Friends - Riot City
03 The Daylighters - Oh Mom
04 Ray Collins Hot Club - Barefoot
05 John Fred And The Playboys - Shirley
06 Mason Williams - Classical Gas
07 Cat Stevens - Baby Get Your Head Screwed On
08 Bobby Goldsboro - I'm A Drifter
09 The Soul Brothers - Goodbye Baby Goodbye
10 Jos� Feliciano - Where I'm Goin'
11 Jim & Jean - Loneliness
12 The Outsiders - Little Bit Of Lovin'
13 Fabienne Delsol & The Bristols - Hanging On A String
14 Les Fleurs De Pavot - Super Girl
15 Don Ellis - Alone
16 Herb Geller Sextet - Vone Mae