DorktonesIf you ever feel the need to give us some instant feedback, here is your chance. You can leave your comments, requests, suggestions, love declarations or just your random thoughts by calling the Dorktones hotline at (+1) 206-666-DORK.
Anything goes and we may even play your message on the next Podcast.

DorktonesWe would like to announce that our bass-player, Ernie, has won the first annual Dorktones Bad Taste award for his enormous bad taste in music. Ernie won the award because of his relentless attempts to get some songs out of his dreadful music library up on the Dorktones playlist and get them played on the podcast. Some examples include the Jackson 5, the Walker Brothers and australian cavemen, the Hoodoo Gurus.

When asked to comment on the award, Ernie said: "I'm very touched and honored to receive this award. This is the first ever prize I've won in my life!". He later added that he wondered were he could collect the prize money.
"He won hands down" said DJ-wannabe and guitarist WJ. "We [the other two dorks] didn't even come close".
Pieter, the dorky drummer, added: "That's odd, I did't know that there even was such an award" as he headed back to his cave.

Dorktones Ever wondered what these podcasts are about? Listen to this 5 minute compilation sample and you'll know.

Download our sample here.

To get all available podcasts, click here.

DorktonesOur Do-It-Yourself Dorktones contest is closed and we would now like to announce that Huub from Amsterdam is our winner! Congratulations Huub, your well deserved T-shirt will be send out to you shortly.

Out of all submissions we've chosen Huub's remix to be our favorite. Have a listen to it and let us know what you think of it.

Thanks to all who submitted a mix, we appreciate your effort!

DorktonesJust a friendly reminder: You can come and join The Dorktones on Thursday, June 2nd, at the Impolite Garage Fest #3 at Club One Four in Den Haag. The party starts at 9PM. See you there!

DorktonesMay 21st, 2004 - Pieter, The Sound of Music-drummer, manager and art director has turned 40 today!

Many happy returns, Pieter!

You may have heard of license-free music, pod-safe tunes and all-together free songs. The Dorktones, a little Dutch garage-pop-combo, are taking the next step into this realm. Today we are releasing the first ever Open Source Song! Yes, that's right, we are releasing raw, bare-bones studio recordings without any post production added to it. You'll be able to create your own end-mix of this one song and mould it into your own favorite sound. You can use any home-studio mixing application you fancy, like Cubase, Guitar Studio, Garageband, Soundtrack etc. Add effects, faders, flangers, fuzz, echo and the works, to create an outrageous Do-It-Yourself Dorktones production.

And if that wasn't enough, we would like to throw in a little contest as well: Create your own signature mix, send it back to us and the one we like best will win a free T-shirt and we'll play your mix on our Podcast. So put on your propellor-hat and get cranking to this tune.

Some more details:

  • Listen to our attempt here.
  • To enter the competition, send your final mix to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • The DIY-Dorktones archive consists of 13 different mp3 tracks that you need to import into your favorite application as different tracks.
  • The contest ends on june 1st 2005
  • Entries with added instruments (except for horns), samples and other additions will not qualify for the contest
  • Do not alter the song structure or add subversive stuff
  • Tracks within this archive may not be distributed individually
  • Original recordings may not be used in any commercial endeavor
  • Original recordings may only be used for educational and personal use
  • The Dorktones may publish and distribute your submissions
  • Have fun, go nuts and be a record producer!

Download the DIY-Dorktones archive here (22Mb).

Great news dear Dorktones Podcasting friends. We have hit the Podcasting News top 10 list! Who would have thought that W.J., our wanna-be D.J., would slap together such a compelling series of podcasts? Finally he has made it into a top 10 list, although he never imagined it to be with The Podcast.
Podcasting News ranks the popularity of podcasts based on the activity of visitors using the site's directory of podcasts. You can read the full story at Podcasting News

On Thursday, June 2nd, The Dorktones will play some of their tunes at the third Impolite Garage Fest at the Club One Four in The Hague. This garage party will also include appearances of The Peptones, Spider Rico and The Napoleons.
Come check us out on June 2nd!

P.M.'s glasses are located! It turns out that one of the Low Point Drains chaps found them and due to some swift action by Ron, P.M. can soon be reunited with them. Hurrah! Thanks to everyone involved in the safe return of the spectacles.