P.M. Dorrenboom, the amaible Dorktones drummer, manager and art-director, released some new Dorktones artwork this week. Pieter did another outstanding job, as you can tell when you glance below:
Dorktones Dorktones Dorktones

Dorktones Pieter, the amiable Dorktones drummer and genius art-director went to Gijon in Spain last week to visit the EuroYeYe festival. He was scheduled to return to Rotterdam last Thursday, but unfortunately he booked a cheap flight through London. His airline decided to cancel all flights from Spain to the UK, leaving him with no alternatives. So now he's stuck there.

The other two dorks are looking at ways to repatriate the poor guy but it looks like he will need to walk back home. If you happen to know a way to get our dear friend back home, drop us a message.

Please join us in wishing him all the best.

Update: Pieter just arrived back from Spain. Unfortunately he carried the Spanish flu with him too. Get well soon dorky drummer-boy!

Dorktones It's true, the dorky dorks managed to get a gig at the world famous Dirty Water Club in London!

The Dorktones will play there on friday 29th September. Also playing that night are our fabulous beat combo friends The Madd. Check out the Dirty Water Club website for more information.

Please come over and party with your favourite dorks and The Madd!

Dorktones Our dear friends at wobly.nl took the effort to turn the spotlight to the Dorktones spielmacher W.J. Lobensteijn. In an extensive interview W.J. shines his lights on his musical influences, tastes and dislikes, the music industry and of course the Dorktones.

Unfortunately the content is in Dutch only, but you can find the article here.

Dorktones With all the hoopla going down last weekend, we somehow missed one very important event: last saturday, on the first of Juli, our dear DJ-wannabe, singer, song-writer and lead guitarist W.J. Lobensteyn celabrated his fourtyfirst birthday!

From all of us here at the Dorktones network operating center: a late happy birthday W.J.!

DorktonesOnce again the Dorktones would like to apologize to you, our dear Dorktones enthusiasts. Last night the dorks would have played at the EXIT in Rotterdam but the Royal Dutch Airline thought different. The flight that would take Ernie, the bad-taste bass player, from London to Rotterdam got cancelled due to an engine defect. Faced with no alternative routes, the bad-luck bass player was forced to call off the performance at the EXIT. The other two dorks tried to pick a random bloke from the street to fill in for the unfortunate bass player, but without success. And thus the Dorktones just had to cancel the gig.

The Dorktones would like to let you know that they regret this cancellation and are very sorry to let you down, again.

Dorktones Thanks to our very dear friend Miss Marlypenny, we can all relive the last edition of the fantastic Primitive festival in Rotterdam. Miss Marlypenny has placed pictures on her website for all of us to enjoy.
Try to spot all members of the Dorktones in the crowds and you can win outrageous prizes.

DorktonesOur congratulations go out to Dorktones' guitarist, lead vocalist, and first and foremost Dorktones.com Podcast wannabe deejay, William J. le Petomane.

This week the Obnoxious Podcasters Association (OPA), awarded the bad-mannered, unshaved, ill-tempered and all-round sob William, with the Most Obnoxious Podcaster Award (MOPA). William received top honors for his total lack of skills, excitement, manners and respect for the overall deejay trade.

When asked for a comment on winning this prestigious award, William showed just why he's the right guy to win the award: He smacked the reporter in the face and added sod off, while he entered the Dorktones band practice studio.

Keep up the good work William!

DorktonesAlltough the Dorktones will not actually perform there, they will be visiting the third edition of the fabulous Primitive festival in Rotterdam. It will take place on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June 06 and will feature acts like Thee Mighty Caesars, The Cynics, The Go-nuts, The Strollers, The Madd and many more. The Dorktones very own P.M. Dorrenboom, will spin some of his records too, along with a host of other deejay's and acts.

Come on over to Rotterdam, join the Dorks and enjoy a weekend of pure garage fun. Check out the Primitive website for details and tickets.

DorktonesWe're not sure what all the fuss is about but this Myspace thing seems very hot. Being the hipsters that we are, and after some external pressure, we decided to register the Dorktones at Myspace too.

Check out our space at Myspace and drop us a note while you're there.