DorktonesHere's some sad news dear readers. Last weekend, at Ron's Garage Freak-out in Leiden, our beloved drummer and genius art-director P.M. Dorrenboom, lost his glasses. He mistakenly thought he'd stored them safely in his baggage while it turns out he must have left them on stage at the venue. A search party has been organized to relocate this necessity and we are hopeful that P.M. will get them back sometime soon. Please help us in finding this valued item. If you've stumbled across some ancient looking glasses during the freak-out and know its whereabouts, please contact P.M. directly by clicking here.
Needless to say that without his glasses, P.M. cannot supervise the artwork on this site so some urgency is needed.

Today we have had the honour to welcome visitor number fifteen thousand! Fortunately this visitor has made himself known to us so we can award this brave man with a free T-shirt!
Congratulations W.J. with your free T-shirt. We'll conduct an official award ceremony next Friday evening at Studio Speelonk were we will meet, as always, for practice and some enlightening conversations with it's owner, employees and an occasional guest.

Pictures of last night's Garage Freakout are now available thanks to Marcel. Search for the dorkiest looking chaps and you'll see us in action. Click here.

DorktonesWe know it is very short notice but still we would like you to come and support us today, Saturday 26 March when we play at Ron's Garage Freak-out. This mini-festival takes place at the Q-Bus in Leiden (that's in the Netherlands).
Your support is much appreciated, especially now since W.J. is whining and moaning about a painful arm and our drummer suffers from a severe case of diarrhea.

So put your dork gear on and head over to Leiden to see and hear The Dorktones, "the loudest band from Rotterdam".

Normally The Sound of Music performs as, yes you guessed it, The Sound of Music. But on saturday, March 26, we'll do a gig as The Dorktones at Ron's Garage Freakout with three other bands that also nobody heard of. The flyer can be found here. The organiser must be a Dorktones-fan rather than a Sound of Music-groupie because the sudden namechange was totally unintended, just a type-o. Come see us anyway, it's a great and unique�opportunity to see the Dorktones perform some Sound of Music tunes!

It has�been brought�to our attention that the Dorktones-cd's are available on the internet on popular p2p-networks such as SoulSeek. Dorktones cd's were previously seen floating around on Usenet. After checking, we even spotted the ultra-rare pre-release edition of The Return of The Dorktones, from which only a mere ten copies were printed that sold out in only three minutes!
As we still see ourselves as the "Worlds First Professional Non-profit Combo" (basically because we realise what a crappy outfit we are) we fully support the widespread of our music but are not responsible for distributing the files. The Dorktones are eagerly awaiting the first sightings of their stuff on eBay.


The ultra-rare five track promo edition

As the Dorktones have just officially released the new album The Return of the Dorktones, their musically impaired alter ego's, the Sound of Music, finished up some brand new recordings. Plans are to release a genuine, double a-side, vinyl single in the near future. This release will feature a brilliant and authentic W.J. Lobensteyn composition.

Today we'd like to give you a sneak preview of this little gem. But be warned. This is raw material, as captured on tape, without any production or mixing applied to it. Consider it as the making of a new Sound of Music artifact.
We'll keep you updated...


DorktonesWow! It took some 8 months to complete but this new year saw the birth of the 'new' Dorktones CD cover. While the actual songs were available here online for months, we couldn't supply you with some fabulous, Pieter M. Dorrenboom signature, cover art. Well, up until now that is.

And so... nothing stands in our way to officially release the latest Dorktones recording: The Return of the Dorktones, a wonderful piece of home recording, available for your download pleasure and even available in our 'shop' if you want the real deal with liner notes, credits and stuff.

Come on in, listen to it and give us some feedback.

DorktonesToday we installed and configured a brand new server and software. As the hit counter reached 10.000 visitors (!), the need for some better performing iron was apparent. The move went smooth and painless . And because we highly appreciate you, our valued visitor, downtime was minimal. Stay tuned for some more stuff to come...

DorktonesW.J., the genius Sound of Music guitarist, called in sick the other day. He has a bad case of the influenza. We wish him all the best.

We hope that this will not effect the rehearsing schedule that is needed to prepare for the new Dorktones gig next march somewhere in Leiden... Stay tuned into!